ABC Spending Guidelines

The following guidelines apply only to the spending of allocation funds by ABC recognized groups. ABC groups may spend revenue in any manner consistent with Columbia University policies and applicable law.

Allocation consists of, but is not limited to:

Revenue consists of, but is not limited to:

ABC and its Representatives retain the ability to designate any income or funding as either allocation or revenue. Questions, concerns or suggestions for these guidelines can be directed to your ABC Representative or the ABC Executive Board at

Off-Campus Participants in Columbia Programming

In approving expenditures for an event, ABC Representatives will consider per capita expenditures (such as food) based on the number of Columbia undergraduates attending.

The admission prices for non-Columbia University guests and non-undergraduates should reflect the per-capita net costs of their participation in the programming open to them.

Food Expenses

Total spending on food and all food-related products (such as utensils, napkins, table cloths, etc.) may not exceed:

ABC Representatives have complete prerogative in determining which of the above guidelines to apply to each event as well as to adjust expected attendance numbers used to determine total spending on food especially in deciding to apply the $10.00/person guideline.


Allocation cannot be spent on publicity for events with attendance of 30 or fewer.

No more than $20.00 may be spent on publicity for events with between 31 and 100 projected attendees.

ABC Representatives will have complete prerogative in appropriate spending on large events with over 100 projected attendees.


A "publication group-is defined as a group whose primary mission is to put out a publication or publications (see the ABC website for a list of group categories).

All publications must publish at least one edition at least one week before the last day of the academic year or they risk de-recognition. Exceptions may be provided by a 2/3 majority vote of the ABC Board.

All publications must cover at least 1/4 of the total cost of an issue with revenue.

If a group that is not currently recognized as a "publication group" wishes to produce a publication, it must:

Conferences, Tournaments, and Trips

For a Columbia team as (off-campus) visitors:

For a Columbia team as (on-campus) host:

Outside Performers / Speakers / Accompanists / Conductors

Allocation can be used to fund up to half the cost of outside performers, speakers, accompanists, and conductors. Allocation can be used to fund more than half the cost of outside performers, speakers, accompanists, and conductors after a special request to the ABC board, which will need to be approved by the majority of the board.

Heritage Months

No group designated as a "heritage month" may receive an ABC allocation of greater than $9,000.

Prohibited Spending

Allocation may not be used to fund:

Representative's Prerogative

These guidelines represent a minimum set of standards for ABC, its groups, Representatives and Board. ABC will follow these guidelines in determining initial allocations or approving appeal requests and spending on individual events.

ABC's Representatives and Board reserve the right to make additional decisions, cuts or adjustments when determining allocations for ABC-recognized student groups or in approving spending for a particular event as necessary.