New Group Recognition

Thank you for you interest in the new group recognition process. Activities Board recognition confers several privileges, namely the ability to apply for an allocation from the Activities Board, standing to apply for many other funds on campus, the ability to reserve space for meetings and events, and use of "Columbia" in the organization's name. We review applications from groups seeking recognition every semester. This page includes information on prerequisites for ABC recognition and outlines the application process.

Prerequisites for Recognition

Groups seeking recognition are expected to meet some minimum requirements before their applications will be considered. To be considered for recognition, a group must:

  1. Not be community service, political, religious, athletic, or activist in purpose. Honorary societies, fraternities, sororities, or privately incorporated organizations are also ineligible;
  2. Be open to all members of the Columbia community regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, veteran's status, academic major, or physical handicaps;
  3. Be composed of at least twenty (20) members, unless the nature of the group precludes a 20-person membership;
  4. Have a membership consisting of two-thirds (2/3) Columbia College and/or the School of Engineering and Applied Science and/or General Studies undergraduate students. Dually recognized groups (i.e. recognized by both SGA and ABC) must have a membership consisting of at least one-half (1/2) Columbia College and/or School of Engineering and Applied Science and/or General Studies undergraduate students;
  5. Have at least one of the president, vice-president, or treasurer be a full-time student of Columbia College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or School of General Studies. This person will be required to complete Treasurer's Training at the start of the academic year;
  6. Not duplicate the function and/or recognized purpose of any other ABC organization;
  7. Require access to University facilities and resources not otherwise available to them as an unrecognized group; and
  8. Has existed at Columbia for at least two semesters prior to applying for recognition

If your group's nature is pre-professional, academic, competitive, cultural, special interest, performance, publication, media, or performing arts, you're in the right place. Take a look at our list of current groups to determine whether the group you want to start already exists (in which case, go join!) and you feel your group meets our recognition criteria.


The Spring 2015 application is available for download via the link below. The Spring 2015 New Group Recognition application must be submitted to by 11:59pm on February 6th, 2015. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please contact us at with any questions.

Other Boards

If your club is religious/spiritual/political/ideological/activist in nature...
Take a look at the Student Governing Board and contact

If your club is community service oriented...
Check out Community Impact and contact

If your club is athletic in nature...
Try Club Sports and contact

If your club is a fraternity or sorority...
Contact the Intergreek Council.

And if your club is primarily made up of graduate students...
You may fit better within the Interschool Governing Board.